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Upcoming events

    • 16 May 2022
    • 19:00 - 21:00
    • Media One Hotel in Dubai

    The Netherlands Business Council UAE in Dubai is inviting BBC members to its next event on May 16th.
    They Monthly networking event with experienced businessman and entrepreneur Jan Kees de Jager.

    Jan Kees de Jager, former Minister of Finance in The Netherlands, and a successful entrepreneur in Dubai started his first business when he was eight years old. From that moment onwards he has been engaged in business related activities.
    During this networking event, Mr. de Jager will talk about future business environments, innovations and global trends, taking his entrepreneurial and political experience into account.

    He will also share with us the reason why he decided to start a business in Dubai.

    • Date: Monday, May 16th 2022
    • Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
    • Venue: Media One Hotel in Dubai

      Registration: Kindly register before the May 12th, 2022, please send RSVP to (please specify that you are a BBC member)

      We will ensure all Covid-19 precautions and regulations are followed during the event and appreciate your kind cooperation.

      • 17 May 2022
      • 18:30 - 22:00
      • Luxembourg Embassy

      Dear Member of the Benelux Business Council,

      On behalf of the Board of Directors, I have the pleasure to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of the BeNeLux Business Council Abu Dhabi, which will be at the Luxembourg Embassy, on Tuesday, May 17th 2022 at 6:30pm.

      Business of the Annual General Meeting

      The business of this Annual General Meeting shall be to:

      1. Review and approbation of the activity report for 2021-2022;
      2. Review and approbation of the annual statement of accounts for 2021-2022;
      3. Discharge the outgoing Board of Directors and
      4. Elect a new Board of Directors.

      Please find here a provisional agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

      Attendance to the Annual General Meeting

      Only those members who have settled their membership fees for 2022 at the time of the Annual General Meeting will have the right to attend and vote at the meeting. 

      We would ask our members to confirm their attendance to the Annual General Meeting by registering through the link below by Tuesday, May 10th 2022.

      Members who are entitled to vote but cannot be present may appoint a proxy to vote and attend in their place. Please fill the Proxy Form and submit to Benelux Business Council’s email ( You may appoint a member of your choice or the Secretary of the Benelux Business Council: Mr. Laurent van Helden.

      In Accordance with the Articles of Association of the BeNeLux Business Council (17.2) “The Quorum for GM of BBC shall be 15 percent of all corporate members entitled to attend and vote at the concerned GM.

      Candidates to the Board of Directors

      In accordance with the Articles of Association of the BeNeLux Business Council, the Board of Directors is entrusted with the general management of the affairs of the BeNeLux Business Council.

      The Board of Directors is composed of at least five and not more than nine members. Unless otherwise decided by the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors must consist of at least two Dutch nationals, two Belgian nationals and preferably one Luxembourg national. At each Annual General Meeting, the current Board of Directors retires and a new Board of Directors is appointed.

      Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers and are not entitled to be directly or indirectly remunerated. Members are expected to provide leadership in the management and strategy of the BeNeLux Business Council, attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and to participate in the activities and events organized by the BeNeLux Business Council.

      The Board of Directors distributes the roles and responsibilities (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Embassy Liaison, Secretary, Director of Memberships and Director of Sponsor Relations) during the first board meeting after the AGM.

      Members are strongly encouraged to submit their application for membership of the Board of Directors.

      Should you wish to present yourself as a candidate to the Board of Directors, please submit Your Application to the BeNeLux Business Council ( The BeNeLux Business Council must receive your application by Tuesday, May 10th 2022.

      Please note that all candidates must qualify as members at the time of the Annual General Meeting. Therefore, please ensure that your membership fee (AED 1,000) is paid.

      A list of candidates will be sent to all the members in advance of the Annual General Meeting, on Sunday, May 15th 2022.

      During the Annual General Meeting, candidates will be given the opportunity to expand on their individual motivation.

      Election Procedure:

      Election of the Board of Directors shall be done by simple majority of the paying members present or by proxy at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 17th 2022.

      Pursuant to the BCC's Constitution, only members in good standing (i.e. who have paid their membership fees up to 1st May 2022) are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

      We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, May 17th 2022.

      Yours faithfully,

      Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet
      Chairwoman of the BeNeLux Business Council

      • 24 May 2022
      • 16:30 - 18:00
      • Zoom Meeting

      BeNeLux Business Council with the collaboration with Amcham invites you to join for an informative live-webinar on Advancing Climate Solutions presented by ExxonMobil.

      This webinar will provide an overview of ExxonMobil's approach to managing climate risks, including technology investments and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

      Loan Tran will cover global energy supply and demand trends, the role of technology, risk management to address climate change risks and an overview of ExxonMobil's Low Carbon Solutions company which was launched to commercialize its extensive low-carbon technology portfolio.

      Webinar Details:

      • Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2022
      • Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
      • Cost: Free for All
      • Zoom meeting

      Participating Business Groups:

      • BeNeLux Business Council Abu Dhabi
      • Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi
      • Indian Business & Professional Group Abu Dhabi
      • Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi

      Past events

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      30 Mar 2022 Abu Dhabi Residents Office Business Briefing
      9 Mar 2022 Networking & Breakfast - FTA Tax Audit & Corporate Tax Introduction in the UAE
      28 Feb 2022 Business community luncheon
      8 Feb 2022 Reception at the Luxembourg Pavilion
      1 Feb 2022 BRUSSELS CORNER
      25 Jan 2022 New Year's Reception at "La Cava"
      23 Jan 2022 International Business Meeting by B2fair
      19 Jan 2022 Benelux Get Together
      19 Jan 2022 ADSW Business Talks on Circular Economy
      14 Jan 2022 Webinar UAE Data Protection Law
      8 Dec 2021 VIP Diner
      28 Nov 2021 Exclusive Breakfast with our guest of honor Chiara Corazza
      16 Nov 2021 ADIPEC Breakfast Seminar
      10 Nov 2021 Mediclinic Webinar
      7 Nov 2021 Developments in Urban Design to cope with climate change
      27 Oct 2021 Will we meet again?
      20 Oct 2021 Social Evening
      19 Oct 2021 The United Arab Emirates meets the Netherlands on Circular Economy!
      17 Oct 2021 Dutch Sustainability Group
      16 Oct 2021 GROW: Screening + Talk with Daan Roosegaarde.
      13 Oct 2021 Expo 2020 Dubai Webinar
      10 Oct 2021 UAE land of opportunities: investment options for foreign companies
      4 Oct 2021 Welcome G2G - Belgian Pavilion
      29 Sep 2021 Back to Business - Networking Reception
      22 Sep 2021 Bridging opportunities: Luxembourg and UAE's startup & innovation ecosystem
      30 Jun 2021 Food and Weight How COVID has affected the way we eat and feel and what to do next!
      29 Jun 2021 Creating New Opportunities in the Middle East and the UAE
      1 Jun 2021 Industrialisation in the UAE and the role of Abu Dhabi's Ports
      31 May 2021 Luxembourg ADGM Webcast: The Role of Financial Centers to Scale Up Green Finance
      30 May 2021 UAE Netherlands Week
      24 May 2021 Powerful Presentation Skills: Connecting with Confidence
      18 May 2021 Annual General Meeting
      27 Apr 2021 Overcoming supply chain challenges of the Covid-19 Vaccine
      21 Apr 2021 Towards the next 50
      7 Apr 2021 Joint Business Group Mixer
      6 Apr 2021 Be among the first to experience Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion at Expo2020
      5 Apr 2021 Francophonie Kahoot Quiz | Soirée Kahoot Quiz pour célébrer la Francophonie!
      29 Mar 2021 World Immunisation & Logistics Summit
      23 Mar 2021 Fit 4 Start - Luxembourg's start-up acceleration program in the ICT and Space sectors
      18 Mar 2021 "Invest in Abu Dhabi” hosted by Abu Dhabi Investment Office, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Embassy in Abu Dhabi
      15 Mar 2021 Business Mixer – Meet Dutch Companies In The Water, Energy, And Food Sector
      22 Feb 2021 Changes in personal law in the UAE
      10 Feb 2021 Joint Webinar: Reforms to UAE foreign investment rules and the UAE companies law
      8 Feb 2021 Belgian Tax issues for Expats
      7 Feb 2021 How to keep motivation and interaction high within your team?
      27 Jan 2021 New Year's Reception 2021
      25 Jan 2021 Ertebaat Business Meeting, Organized By Dubai Customs
      21 Jan 2021 ADSW side event webinar: UAE’s Climate Change and Sustainability policies – contributions of the Dutch private sector
      12 Jan 2021 Joint Webinar Digitalization In Port Logistics
      14 Dec 2020 Webinar: How To Keep Motivation And Interaction High Within Your Team
      30 Nov 2020 Challenges and opportunities for the adoption of Electric Cars and low-emission mobility
      30 Nov 2020 Digital ICT Week (organized by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network)
      26 Nov 2020 ADSW Web Series: Ensuring food and water security for the next decade
      23 Nov 2020 A Conversation with Skyne on “Digital Marketing in rapidly changing times: 2020 and beyond”
      18 Nov 2020 NBC 2020 Awards Ceremony
      10 Nov 2020 ADIPEC webinar: Adaptation and growth, living with COVID-19 in the energy sector and the diplomatic world
      4 Nov 2020 Expo2020: BeNeLux Pavilions Update
      28 Oct 2020 New opportunities for businesses in the Middle East and UAE
      21 Oct 2020 Women Leadership in Multilaterism and International Diplomacy
      14 Oct 2020 Customer Experience (CX) Masterclass
      6 Oct 2020 Promising Opportunities In The Investment Of Aquaculture Industry In The UAE
      5 Oct 2020 A Conversation with MBG on Risk Mitigation in light of COVID-19
      29 Sep 2020 A Conversation with Luai Kurdi from BESIX on 3D Concrete Printing in Construction
      23 Sep 2020 Back to Business Quiz Night
      22 Sep 2020 Food Security Webinar - The Financing of Agritech in the UAE
      16 Sep 2020 Become a black belt negotiator - the neuroscience of negotiation
      16 Sep 2020 ICT Spring 2020 Global Tech Conference in Luxembourg
      14 Sep 2020 A Conversation with Peter Pastijn & Mim Kleiberg on "THE ROOM Online - The pivot of an SME business model in Covid times"
      1 Sep 2020 Khalifa Port: Facilitating Trade and Investment in the UAE Webinar
      31 Aug 2020 A conversation with Ziad Soussou, the integrated jet manager Middle East for Shell Aviation
      16 Jul 2020 St Feuillien Tasting
      14 Jul 2020 Joint Webinar: Hospitality & Staycations
      6 Jul 2020 Joint Webinar: How to use videos to grow your business?
      1 Jul 2020 Luxembourg-UAE: Bilateral Relations and Opportunities in times of COVID-19
      1 Jul 2020 Why you should consider Luxembourg for your fund project
      30 Jun 2020 AmCham Abu Dhabi's Legal Affairs Committee Present the Legal System of the UAE
      29 Jun 2020 A conversation with Philippe Mathijs on: "Why virtual work needs a coaching mind-set"
      24 Jun 2020 A conversation with Frank Wouters on: "The energy transition in times of COVID-19"
      22 Jun 2020 Food Security in the UAE in a Covid-19 World (Part 2)
      17 Jun 2020 Digital transformation in times of Covid-19
      15 Jun 2020 Covid-19: An insider view from the UAE's largest Healthcare network
      14 Jun 2020 Joint Webinar: on the Oil & Gas Industry and the Economy in COVID-19 times
      2 Jun 2020 E-Commerce & Customer Engagement Trends: The Impact of COVID-19
      13 May 2020 Live Web Conference: Annual General Meeting 2020
      22 Apr 2020 Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
      17 Mar 2020 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie
      2 Mar 2020 Joint Business Group Speed Networking
      10 Oct 2019 Behind the Scenes at Pure Harvest

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